Items You Shouldn’t Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Your going to have a baby in a couple weeks and you want to bring everything. The best pajamas for hospital after delivery. 20 diapers for the baby to change into. Snacks and juices for the baby. Maybe even some toys for the baby to touch. You don’t want the baby to get bored and you want full preparation for the labor. I know you have good intentions for bringing all that stuff to the hospital during labor. But, you really do not need to have all those things. Hospitals have a large number of items readily available for you during your stay at the hospital. You probably won’t stay at the hospital for more than a week too. I will help you buy the things you really need during your baby labor at the hospital. Read about it below.

Do Not Bring Food and Drinks

food and drink for pregnancy

Bring no food and drink, when you go to hospital to have a baby. Hospitals are not just places with bandages and IVs. They have a wide range of food for babies and adults. Plus, they have medicine food to help you get through any stomach issues you and your baby might have. In addition, they can tell you directly what food your baby should eat if it is a newborn. What foods are deemed hazardous for new babies changes year to year. Best to let them feed your baby the most up to date food to make them healthy and safe. All in all, you don’t need to bring any food or water with you. Your going to a place that is perfectly safe and well above the normal standard of food sold at the grocery store. No need to bring food and drinks.

No Video Cameras Please

Video cameras are good to have to show your friends on social media, but you need to do away with those video cameras. When I was having my first baby, I never thought about whipping out my phone. I was happy to see my baby and know that there was going to be a part of me left on this Earth. A part of me that was going to be new and be able to continue my legacy. Showing my friends my new baby out of the hospital was the least on my mind. I really did not want to show them my baby and talk to them about it. Having my baby was my moment. The only thing I wanted to see besides my lover and baby was the best pajamas for hospital delivery that I had on. Meaning, I didn’t want to be in the spot light at that moment. I felt something and I am sure you would want to feel something during that time. That feeling is what you need to experience. Not showing people online about your life.

Diapers for Baby After Labor

Think you need diapers during your first labor don’t you. Well, diapers are not needed. Hospitals have rows of diapers and are willing to give them to you for staying in their hospital. Its part of the hospital payment plan. So, don’t worry about bringing diapers to the hospital. You can bring them if you insist your baby wearing specific diapers. No one at the hospital is going to stop you. But, if your the type of mother that brings diapers to the hospital because of necessity, then you need to change your mind and choose to not bring them. I assure you the hospital will provide you with fresh batch of diapers for your baby. Need more convincing, call the hospital your going to and ask. There is no way your hospital will lie to you on providing you with diapers. Majority of them do not do that.