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How to Massage for Babies

Many researchers have shown that infant massage helps parents and babies to be closer, which is very good for the development of children’s personality later.

Because massage is so beneficial for babies, today we will learn together how to massage babies to achieve the best effect. 

Ways to massage babies

To be able to massage children successfully, mothers should not perform massages for children before and after their meals, even when they need to take a nap. Only when the mother feels she is ready, put the baby on a flat surface with a soft towel and an oil box dedicated to massage. If the baby feels uncomfortable and cries before the massage is over, the mother should stop immediately and quickly cuddle.

First, before massaging newborns, we need to prepare the following massage tools: baby cotton sheets, clean towels, clean clothes, gentle soothing massage oils without irritation.

After we have finished preparing, we will learn about massage methods for babies right below:

Massage hands and feet

Gently rub your baby’s hands and feet with your palms, gently or gently, or you can also smoothly move your hands in the milking movement and roll your baby’s arms and legs between them. the palm of your hand.

Next, pat your fingers on the surface of the baby’s hands and feet. Massage your baby’s small hands by gently stroking them from the palms of the baby to the tips of their fingers.

 Massage slowly will help blood circulation in the baby’s hands and feet more easily, helping to enhance immunity, prevent neurological diseases of children.

Face massage

You should gently use your index finger to form a small circle on the baby’s face, then you start from the center of the baby’s forehead and slowly stroke to the sides of the baby’s face. 

Then from your forehead, you move down to your baby’s cheeks, nose, and chin. If you want to massage your baby’s ears, use your forefinger and thumb to gently stroke the baby’s ear from below and above the ear.

Head massage

With babies under 4 months, you absolutely should not touch the soft spot on the baby’s head (fontanel). When your baby is over 4 months old, when the baby has started to be able to actively control your head and neck, you can massage your baby rhythmically by using the index finger to form a small circle on the head of a baby

Back massage

This will help make your baby’s backbone stronger. When you massage your back, first lie on your stomach, then place both hands on your baby’s back, then slowly rub them up and down in opposite directions. 

Slowly rub from the back to the bottom of the baby, then rub gradually over the shoulder and then back down again.

Abdominal massage

Abdominal massage will help regulate your baby’s intestines and relieve constipation. The best time to give your baby an abdominal massage is about 1 hour after he eats.

First, you use your index finger to form a circle on the baby’s abdomen and center the navel.

Besides, you can make a rowing motion in your baby’s belly by placing your hands down to lie perpendicular to your baby’s belly and then slowly moving gently up and down your baby’s belly. 

Experts say that this method will be very effective in quickly reducing abdominal pain and improving the baby’s digestive system. Many mothers have tried this movement and concluded that this method is very effective.

Chest massage

Breast massage works to help regulate the baby’s lungs and heart to be operated more smoothly and gently. To perform breast massage for children, first, place your hands gently on the baby’s chest and slowly stroke out to the sides of the baby’s shoulder blades. 

Next, gently place your hand stroking from the baby’s left shoulder diagonal to the chest and then the ribs, then do the same for the baby’s right shoulder.

Notes for infant massage

Before you do any massage for your baby, it is also important to seriously note the following important things for the baby’s massage to be carried out smoothly and safely:

Room space: need to be warm, airy, if you like you can turn on gentle melodious music for both mother and baby to enjoy.

Warm a mother’s hand first by rubbing her hands together before touching her baby’s limbs. The note is to avoid being startled.

Mothers should check fingernails, remove rings, rings because they can scratch the baby’s skin, before touching her sensitive skin, her hands need to rub each other to warm.

Mother should massage your baby at the time your baby feels excited and happy. If you feel your baby is stressed, moms should wait at a more appropriate time.

Do not apply massage oil on the skin of the baby is hurt.

Mothers should note that massage gently but with enough pressure so that the baby does not feel like a tickle.

Each massage for about 15 minutes, the mother should only perform about 2-3 times a day.

When massaging a baby, the mother should make sure to have the most comfortable sitting position to massage the baby most effectively.

Hopefully, with the above steps, parents have gained more useful knowledge to be able to massage their babies at home to achieve the most effective and safe!

Wishing your family health!