How to Buy a Baby Carrier for Summer
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How to Buy a Baby Carrier for Summer

Safety and cheapness are two criteria that every mother cares about when choosing to buy a baby carrier. But with the current diverse baby carrier market. It is not easy to choose a baby carrier with the above criteria. Therefore, in the following article, we would like to share the experience of buying safe and cheap baby carriers that any mother needs to know. Hopefully, the article below will help mothers have the strength to choose for their children the best baby carrier for summer, or you can visit New Mom Plus for more interesting information.

Based On Your Baby’s Condition

Based on the purpose and condition of each baby such as age, height, or weight. The mother will have the most appropriate choice. Such as:

Based On Your Baby’s Age

For babies in the period of birth to 6 months of age, this is the period when the skeletal system is gradually being formed and the baby’s physical condition will be very weak so will need more protection.

Therefore, mothers should consider choosing a good quality carrier, durable strap system, capable of supporting as well as supporting the bones of the child, especially the head and neck. The type of carrier, bag carrier will be the most suitable products for babies in this period.

For babies from 6 months of age onwards, at this stage, the baby’s skeletal system gradually forms and becomes more rigid. Especially feeling the surroundings, so they tend to be more active than the previous stage such as crawling, crawling, walking, or running … at this time, mothers can be more comfortable in choosing.

A straight carrier with seating design and head and neck support will be more suitable for babies at this stage. You can choose to buy a Japanese baby carrier to make sure your baby is safe and secure.

 Based On Height And Weight

Along with each developmental stage, the other body parameters of the child such as height and weight also develop accordingly. Usually, on the information of each baby carrier product, the manufacturer records the parameters. So that the mother follows which to choose to suit the baby.

If the mother chooses products that are not suitable for her height and weight, she will make her feel uncomfortable, as well as affect the development of the child’s skeletal system and spine.

Choose A Baby Carrier For Each Stage Of Development

For babies from 0 to 3 months of age: Mother can choose a versatile carrier (4-position carrier), and the type of carrier is spacious. Or moms can choose a carrier function for babies, grow up can buy a carrier 3 ways. Because there are many big babies when the baby carrier must use a carrier with a spacious seat, and better strength to use such as Carrier Aprica.

Baby from 4 months of age and older: Should not buy a versatile carrier, a mother must choose a suitable sized baby carrier. Because at this age, few types of carriers can hold babies. The carrier position is mainly facing the mother and the baby carrier facing forward.

According to the researchers’ experience of feeding babies, usually at 12kg babies (over 14 months). The use of a carrier will become uncomfortable for the carrier, and the baby. At this stage, if using a carrier, the mother should be carried on the back.

Design, Convenient Design And Hygiene

This does not need to worry too much because most baby carriers are designed to be very convenient. The shoulder strap and back systems are very sure to bring a sense of security when mom used to the baby carrier.

One more thing that moms need to keep in mind is that the materials used, most baby carrier products are made from cotton to create softness and ventilation of the baby’s back. Help mothers easy to clean, clean during the use of the product.

Warranty Of Baby Carrier

Each product, each brand or manufacturer will have a different warranty and after-sales service. But generally, a baby carrier product usually has an average warranty period of about 2-3 years, high Higher levels can be up to 5 years.

Choose A Baby Carrier Safely From Famous Brands

You should choose baby carrier brands from countries that have high standards for baby products such as Japanese, American, German, Swedish, Italian, Korean baby . When designing and circulating products. They carefully research and test the safety of fabric, keychains, and colors to dye the carrier.

Popular brands in the world today are Combi carriers, Aprica carriers, Zaracos carriers, …

The Criteria In The Experience Of Buying A Baby Carrier

Safety Assurance

Besides the material of the carrier, the shape, size is also the deciding factor for the safety and comfort of children. Currently, there are many types of carriers for babies of different ages, moms should pay attention to choose accordingly. For babies, only the type of carrier that supports your baby’s neck should be used, with a firm inner pad to support the baby’s neck and head to ensure absolute safety.

When choosing a baby carrier, safety factors must always be paid attention to. To be truly safe, moms should choose a carrier that has a catch on the bottom, just in case the baby falls off. When buying as well as during use, you should regularly check the thread. Zippers to ensure that the carrier is still strong enough to support the child’s body.

Soft Belt Material

When choosing a baby carrier, the mother must base on the height and weight of the baby to have an appropriate choice. A carrier that is too wide will cause the baby to fall inside, causing entanglement, difficulty breathing for the baby. And especially choose the carrier with a belt made of soft material, with lining to disperse the weight of the baby to the shoulders and hips, helping mothers feel comfortable. When the baby is a little older, moms can use baby seat belts.

Notes And Mistakes Mom Makes When Choosing To Buy A Baby Carrier

Three Important Criteria When Choosing A Carrier:

Find a carrier that you can kiss on the head when your baby is in a baby carrier.

The carrier can be adjusted to both support the weight of the baby while keeping their hips healthy as they grow.

A carrier should be a cross-strap and hugging the back so it can reduce the load. Futher, Let’s make it more comfortable for parents to carry for a long time.

With carriers, major carriers have researched and allowed parents to choose from many features in one. Use a pad to carry a baby right from birth, adjust to the baby’s weight and allow babies to have can turn forward to look at everything around.

Some Mistakes When Choosing A Carrier:

Think of the material/fabric to be soft, good, new cotton, but in fact, the carrier needs to be standing. Sure to hug and fix the back and neck of the baby.

It is better to carry multiple positions. However, the carrier only needs to meet the following criteria. It is possible to turn the baby on its lap, turn around and have neck support to hold the baby’s neck, no need for other postures . Because it is also uncomfortable and the mother never covers Now you need to slap your posture.

Choose to buy a cheap carrier to save because you do not know how to use much. If you have decided to buy a baby carrier, then you should choose a good one. Buying a cheap, non-obvious source not only affects the child’s spine and hip. But also makes parents uncomfortable and inconvenient if buying is also a waste because of its utility. high.

Above is the experience of choosing to buy a safe and cheap baby carrier that we wants to share with the mothers. I wish you a happy shopping!