Welcome to More Than Milk

2013-2014 Board of Directors and their future philanthropists

We are excited to have you join our community of moms supporting local charities through volunteer projects, awareness-building & fundraising events. Everything we do is for moms with their babies & kids in tow!

Our goals are simple:

Unite, inspire, & energize moms through community activism

Build a family culture of giving back

Make a difference for amazing organizations

While our days include changing diapers, managing nap times, and nourishing our little ones with milk ; ), we are focused on making the community a better place for the next generation. To us philanthropy is like reading with our kids: start young, make it a habit, and encourage life-long engagement! Join our community that inspires and motivates women while making a difference for deserving non-profit organizations.

How it works:

This year More than Milk will introduce you and other moms to 7 inspirational non-profit organizations. In support of each organization, we create easy and fun ways for you and your children to get involved and make an impact. Whether your children are actively engaged or cooing in the stroller, they are experiencing philanthropy with you first hand.

Your journey begins with 3 simple steps:


Explore the featured non-profit organization. Start Here

2. DO:

Come join us! Participate in “mom-friendly” projects and activities.  If you make a strong connection with an organization, DO more!


Engage in good old-fashioned conversation to spread the word about what you’ve done and what others are doing to make positive change in our world. Talk with your friends, significant other and kids. Set up a coffee date, make a phone call, share over dinner. Inspire moms all over the country by sharing your experiences online.


To provide Moms with an avenue for personal growth, inspiration, and social giving as Moms generate “more than milk” to talk about with friends and family through kid-friendly volunteer experiences. By connecting Moms with deserving charities, we provide organizations with heightened awareness in the community, financial support, and energetic and talented volunteers.

Our Goals

  • To build a connection between Moms and inspirational organizations
  • To make charitable giving and philanthropy a way of life for Moms and their families
  • To create “Mom-friendly” (bring your babies & kids) volunteer activities
  • To spread the missions of charitable organizations to Moms, friends and the next generation

Our Featured Organizations

Our 2015 organizations, all 501(c)3 groups, have been selected through an application process in combination with input from our board of directors and mom community.  If you have question regarding our selection process or know of an organizations that is truly changing lives, visit our contact us page.